I Don’t Mean to Sound Racist But…


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I Don’t Mean to Sound Racist, but… Examining the Different Faces of Racism

Why is that whenever we hear this phrase it follows up with something racist? Different forms of discrimination exist and we are examining and underlining the various forms as there seems to be a lack of awareness across the UK.

We wrote this book to engage and to give greater insight to examples of racism experienced by Black people in the UK. The book is packed with understandings from social analysis as well as qualitative research.

We conducted research with Black participants whom have grown up in various places across the UK. This data was used to inform important questions such as what is casual racism?

Written with passion not rage and insight rather than anger. The book offers solutions on improving the situation for oneself and our immediate network.

If you want to educate yourselves on the discriminations faced daily by your colleagues, friends and even some extended family members, then make yourself uncomfortable and let’s begin.