Chief Takyi

To have the idea to stand up to your oppressors is one thing, but to follow through with your conviction is entirely another.

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This Storytime takes us to Ghana.

Chief Takyi was a Fanti King from the Gold Coast and a wealthy merchant.

He was captured during the Kommender Wars and sold off into slavery when his state was defeated.

Chief Takyi rose to be an overseer of the enslaved people and hatched a plan of escape with his supporters. 

In 1759, Takyi and his men escaped and hid in a cave to plan a rebellion.

The plan was to defeat the British and have Jamaica as a separate independent colony.

In the early hours of one May morning in 1760; Takyi and his followers crept back to the plantation and killed their masters.

Thus freeing the enslaved people who were occupied there.

By taking over two more plantations hundreds of others joined the uprising.

It was rumoured that Queen Akua influenced and helped Takyi’s war, it was never proven.

Akua was an enslaved woman who opened a hostel for them.

The rebellion lasted until July 1760, until Takyi was gunned down by a marksman.

His head was displayed as a warning.

The remaining rebels were caught hiding in a cave and took their own lives as they did not want to return to a life of slavery.

Tacky Falls in Port Maria, St Mary Parish Jamaica is named in honour of where he met with his allies. 

 A school is also named after him.

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