How the colonists used the Bible to justify slavery – Part 2

“We have been sent by this great God to ask you to leave your wicked ways and false Gods and turn to Him so that you may be saved when you die.” Things Fall Apart

For those as curious as me, you may have wondered how the colonists a large majority of a continent to Christianity?

European nations already had links to Africa through trading and were moving their soldiers through the continent. After these connections had been made, the colonists started to impose the next phase of their plan.

To provide context, I have taken reference from the exceptional, groundbreaking novel, Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe. 

Halfway into the Things Fall Apart, an English missionary introduces himself to the main protagonist’s (Okonkwo) village. By this point he has already converted some Nigerians and continues recruitment through interpreters.

The villagers are sceptical at first, but slowly some begin to listen to the teachings of the colonist. The colonists uses his resources to build a church and build a school, offering the village children education for those who attend the church.

Many of the village children begin to attend the school, and their parents are slowly beginning to attend the church. Thus discounting their own religion of Gods and Deities.

Soon the colonisers realise that the majority of the villagers have been converted to Christianity and they begin to rule and govern the area using the creed of the British Empire. This is carried out by force due to the soldiers and courts which are now in place across Africa.

How Africa would have been if it wasn’t colonised. African religions would have remained and would not be known as ‘Black magic’. What do you think?

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