Nigerian Independence

Nigeria declared independence from British rule on 1st October 1960.

This was something that wasn’t taught in school, but as we know English History is somewhat skewed.

However Nigerian Independence is celebrated as a National Holiday in Nigeria and celebrated globally. In New York, around 75,000 people attend Nigerian Independence Day street parties.

A lot of children of the diaspora are getting to know their culture and embrace their heritage.

I for one used to downplay everything that was intrinsic to me. The pronunciation of my name, the refusal to wear my traditional clothing in school parties, begging to eat pizzas and chips for dinner instead of amala, egusi soup, and the mighty jollof rice.

When I look back at these times, I desperately wanted to fit in and wanted to blend into the background as easily as possible.

I smile when I see names like John Boyega, Julie Adenuga and Ronke Phillips on my television screen. 

A book that takes you straight to the heart of the market sellers smells of suya meat and the hustle to survive is called ‘Welcome To Lagos’ by Chinbundu Onuzo. I won’t give too much away but I devoured this book in one weekend.

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