Storytime: Mary Seacole

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Mary Seacole – 23 November 1805 – 14 May 1881

We wanted to showcase pioneers in Black British History.

Starting with Mary Seacole who was a British-Jamaican Nurse who broke rules and prejudices to heal the wounded around the world.

Mary was determined to find a way to help at the Crimean War, as the British Military Hospital stopped her from working there. 

So Mary opened her own practice ‘The British Hotel’ which was a General Store and where sick soldiers could convalescence.

Mary was given the nickname ‘Mother Seacole’ as soon her name spread of the care and assistance she gave to others.

Amongst her many achievements she also found a cure for Cholera.

In 2016 a statue of Mary was erected by Floella Benjamin. 

If you ever find yourself on Westminster Bridge in London – you will find her there, make sure you pay your respects.

There is currently a campaign to honour Mary on a £50 pound note.

Read more about it here

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