Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias starts as young as when we are at a pre-school age.

As kids we follow the example set and what we hear from our parents, siblings and what we see on TV.

It continues to become a real issue the longer it is left unchecked and questioned.

Mr. Kipling cakes have been stolen by a ‘Black Man’

The first video shows a young girl explaining to her mother that she didn’t eat the treats.

What starts out as a sincere declaration of innocence, swiftly turns into an answer which I’m surprised that the mother posted in the first place.

Once you get past the shock of how it ends, you immediately question, why did she think to immediately blame the black man?

What is also telling is the mum’s laugh immediately after the girls’ answer. This facilitates that whole exchange as the little girl laughs too.

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Ash Sarker interviews residents of Barking

The second video, aptly named ‘One Village is missing its Idiot’, details an extreme example of what manifests if unconscious bias is not checked and questioned.

He clearly has something to get off his chest but doesn’t seem like he knows what he wants to say.

My favourite part is when he blames the immigrants for taking ‘our’ jobs but then says that they are over here but aren’t even working. 

We do not own ANY rights to this video

This second video was taken during the lead to the Brexit referendum.

The Brexit campaign used the rhetoric of ‘taking our country back’ at the immigrants expense.

This was a ploy to get votes from people similar to this guy.

Although it worked out for the Brexit party, it is very irresponsible because we now have a divided nation influenced to think that there are no positives to immigrants coming into the country.

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