Pimlico Academy

Earlier this year we covered the protests from the alumni and students of Nonsuch High School.

It seems that the fuse that was lit in 2020, has continued to spark change in different educational areas, this time with Pimlico Academy.

In September 2020, students took down and burned the union flag that was erected outside the school building.

A month prior to that students started a petition in response to the academy’s strict new policy, which stated that hairstyles that “block the view of others” would not be permitted which would put a target on students with afro hairstyles.

The pupils felt that the school’s management would penalise Muslims as the new policy stated that hijabs “shouldn’t be too colourful”.

One mother, who has sons in both year 9 and 11, said she felt the school had gone “downhill” since the new headteacher had joined. “The school was a really happy environment and my sons were flourishing here. But now, my son is always scared of getting into trouble for silly reasons.”

The students held a protest on March 31st, chanting “Black Lives Matter” and “We Want Change”. The principal Daniel Smith sat down with six of the pupils following the protest, to listen to the student’s grievances with the school.

Unfortunately, the pupils were threatened with disciplinary action after the Easter holiday.

It wasn’t just the pupils who took issue with the Principal’s methods it also left teachers resigning in droves.

It was announced on May 18th that Principal Daniel Smith resigned, although this is a victory for the students at Pimlico Academy their needs still need to be met.

One thing is very clear – this is NOT the generation to be messed with.

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