The Summer of Impossible Things by Rowan Coleman

“It probably didn’t help that I told him my secret. I shouldn’t have told him. That just after Mum died something started happening to me that hadn’t happened since I was a little girl. That sometimes, more and more just recently, I see things; people, places…things. Impossible things. Things that are not there.”

This was one of the smartest reads I have ever had the pleasure of getting stuck into.

It jumps between modern-day London and 70’s New York City.

We start the story with two sisters who are mourning the loss of their Mother – Marissa.

Luna is a scientist and Pia is a creative, their father Henry is a photographer from England. 

We get mirrors into the past  – Henry and Marissa’s meet-cute happened whilst he was an onset photographer for the era-defining blockbuster Saturday Night Fever.

We learn how Henry moved back to England taking Marissa with him and how they settled there. 

Then we fast forward into the present where Luna and Pia travel to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn New York to finalise and sell their mother’s building.

They receive a box with their mother’s handwriting addressed to them. It holds a film projector and four reels of film – the story begins when they turn the projector on…

The themes that the book touches upon may be triggering for some, so I would proceed with caution.

Rowan confirmed that the book is now being developed into a film, which I hope lives to the imagination version in my head.

If you are looking to get lost in a book, where you find yourself thinking about the characters more than what you are supposed to be doing then this is for you!

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