Skin of the sea

Book by Natasha Bowen, 2021

Our world is full of repeating patterns that we discover in nature and that we create


This is a fantasy book set in colonial times, when Nigeria had her own deities and Gods aka Orisa’s. This story isn’t about colonialism, that is a small subplot.

The story details how the colonisers aka the òyìnbò created chaos and internal wars within African tribes in order to buy prisoners of war.

The storyteller told tales of the òyìnbò, and said they were kidnappers too. Attacking people collecting water or herding their animals. The stories had seemed unreal. Now, fear crawls inside me, slithering through my veins.

This is a story of adventure whilst exposing you to ancient Nigerian knowledge, culture, and history.

It was one of those books which I couldn’t put down. I am slowly and gladly weaning myself off history books. As much as I enjoy learning more history, those books are a lot! I was fully able to invest myself into this book and found myself visualising everything.


The book takes the reader through a range of Deities, and also characters. Each character is so unique, while also having their own subplot. Because of that, I wasn’t able to find a favourite.

I loved reading about the Nigerian Deities. I’ve always loved Greek mythology, never knowing that Nigeria had its own. After reading other Nigerian fantasy books which also included stories about Gods and Deities, this was a brilliant continuation.

Nigerian Sayings…

Reading Nigerian books also reminds me of growing up, because they are always full of old Igbo or Yoruba sayings. Some of which my Dad always used to say to me as a child. This book wasn’t any different.

I lift my eyes to the sky searching for the Iràwò Ìròlé. It is known as the Courting Star; lovers would use its nightly emergence to arrange secret trysts.”

In close, this one is a definite for anyone who wants to get lost in literature and their imagination. I’m looking forward to reading the next one, and more of the author’s titles.

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