If the apology isn’t aimed at you – don’t accept it on OUR behalf

On Thursday 12th August Dr Zoe Williams appeared live on This Morning for an interview with hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langford.

Over her video call to the studio, Dr Zoe’s segment was “how your health can be benefited from gardening and even alpacas”.

Which prompted Eammon to say “Your hair reminds me of an alpaca today”, Zoe responded with nervous laughter plus a warning “Don’t touch my hair!”

Soon came the apology and as if this couldn’t get any worse white people rushed to reassure him and say that it was a joke and it wasn’t racist – as they would know right?!

Unfortunately, I have been in Dr Zoe Williams position – did I have it broadcast on national television?

Thankfully no, however, I did have many white people who told me that “It was a joke and don’t be so sensitive.”

One cannot speak on behalf of someone else – it’s that simple.

The constant dismissal of racism that exists in the UK is so painful, which is why there needs to be a push for anti-racist training across schools, workplaces and universities.

There’s only so much Black and people of colour can DO. 

Standing in solidarity with Dr Zoe Williams, lastly, if the apology isn’t aimed at you – please do NOT accept it on a Black or person of colour’s behalf.

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