Why Are Some Brits Afraid to Say “Black” In The Workplace?

A new study shared in the Metro UK stated that 50% of working professionals are unsure of what terms they can use without causing offence or saying something inappropriate.

So what do they say instead?

They prefer to use the term ‘diversity’ and “BAME” then pinpoint a particular race.

38% feel more confident speaking about death than 29% in regards to race and ethnicity.

There is a fear that they may lose their jobs or face disciplinary action if they use a term incorrectly.

Who remembers when Jon Snow received complaints for stating that he’d ‘never seen so many white people in one place?’

Jon was cleared by Ofcom for describing a pro-Brexit protest – partly because video footage of the crowd did indeed show that the protesters were overwhelmingly white.

Most workplaces boast of a new working culture that includes a diversity and inclusion officer – so what do they teach in these seminars?

The common complaint is “You have to watch what you say these days” or “The PC Police strikes again”.

As Ben Brookes-Dutton from The Unthinkables states “Don’t we go on IT training courses to learn about how to use new technologies? It’s time we challenged our thinking about 

inclusive language and acknowledged that just as societies and cultures evolve and shift, we must evolve and shift as working professionals too.”

There are so many resources available to help lower these statistics, from books, talks, and social accounts (like this one!)

Does anyone feel brave enough to share their experiences? DM us if you want your responses kept anonymous.

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