Mr Nice – Howard Marks

He was Britain’s most wanted man. He spent seven years in America’s penitentiary. You’ll like him

What traits make a good international drug dealer? What does a typical international drug dealer look like?

Everything that you’re thinking, picture the exact opposite! Mr Nice is not your typical drug lord, in fact he is one of the nicest drug lords you’ll ever hear or read about. 

Starting from humble beginnings, Mr Nice grew up in Wales and was fortunate enough to attend Oxford university. While studying he developed a fondness for marijuana and hash. This relationship introduced him to different types of people at Oxford and through university, Mr Nice developed some strong bonds. 

Through these bonds he started a local ‘supply and demand business’ which soon became a national trade.

Through his organic growth and well connected network, he finds himself as one of the biggest players in the market. As he is so laid back, he takes it all in his stride. 

I recommend reading the book over the film. The detail included in the book is incredible. And as always the film just doesn’t do it justice, although Rhys Ifans does a great job!

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