Enslaved Africans were not able to voice out their opinions or be heard. This led to a lot of uprisings and rebellions; especially at the peak of the slave trade.

One of the most captivating stories about a slave revolt starts in 1733.

A Ghanian woman named Breffu was sold into slavery in Jamaica and owned by Pieter Koyer in Coral Bay.

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Breffu courageously led other Akans who were enslaved from the Kingdom of Akwamu in Ghana.

The Akans are a group of people who make up modern day Ghana and the Ivory Coast.

Working alongside Christian – who was also enslaved, they empowered over 150 enslaved people to rebel against their masters and take over the West Indies.

On the morning of November 23rd, 1733 Breffu and the rebels killed many soldiers and plantation owners, then set enslaved people free.

A few of the slave masters managed to escape off the island on their boats and the Akwamu people took over the land.

They were successful until 1734 – Breffu and 23 other Akwamu rebels committed suicide to avoid being captured as the Danes teamed up with the French to regain control of the area.

In many accounts, many soldiers and plantation owners were shocked to find out that the rebellion uprising in the New World was organised by a woman.

It goes to show that being underestimated is actually a strength. Breffu is also known as The Queen of St. John. May we never forget her.

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